Because True Satisfaction Comes from Holistic Experiences

V SENSI is the concept of thoughtful eating.

Where truly gratifying food and beverage experiences are deliberately engineered to completely engage the senses. By staying attuned to your sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, you understand how your senses work to produce feelings and emotions; and appreciate how the purity of sensations, and how you choose to nourish your life, are reflected in your body and mind.

“The lights are dim and easy on the eyes. Paintings and sculptures make the place look exceedingly charming. The silk table cloth and silverware feel exquisite under the fingers. Faint jazzy music beneath the chitter-chatters of the crowd pleases the ears. The scent of fresh herbs floats through the atmosphere teasing the nose; faultlessly tantalising. A gentle spoonful, warm and loving, hugs the inside of the mouth … Perfect.”

Introducing Founder & Chef Daniele Sarno

It’s astonishing; the degree of love Chef Daniele Sarno has for food and for life. Embracing the epicurean philosophy that food is nourishment to the soul and thoughtful eating is key to a good life, he aims to help others love life through good nourishing food.

Chef Sarno has spent 16 years travelling the world, and watching how food can define a community; when people eat well, it is reflected in their identities and lifestyles. He developed a passion for gastronomy and sets out to fulfill it. Chef Sarno has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury boutique resorts from Italy to London, and around the globe where different food cultures, traditions and techniques combine to bring out the full flavour in dishes. These experiences have seen him perfecting the art of designing unparalleled dining experiences. And V SENSI is Chef Sarno’s avenue of sharing his extensive expertise across restaurant concept development, food styling, holistic gastronomy, culinary master classes, travel and art.