Concept Development

Considering a food business venture? Or looking to improve your current establishment?
At V SENSI, we specialise in bringing successful concepts to life!

Our team of chefs and consultants have the experience, knowledge and skills to turn your vision into a reality. From brand building and customer service training to setting up effective operational systems, we’ll help you create an entirely unique dining experience that will have your customers coming back for more.

A good understanding of the market is important when establishing the right concept, positioning, pricing and location of your venture. By analysing the current market and market climate, we will be able to develop a concept that is positioned for success. We will report on the aspects of the competition and what are the demand drivers of your potential clientele.

A Business Plan is a necessary step that allows for full clarification of ideas, next steps, and considerations. The plan will include a concept definition, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, estimated investment cost, 3 years revenue forecast, working capital, pre-opening expenses, and resources required. It will give financial information such as project revenues and cost to any potential investors.

Location will play a large factor in the accessibility and success of your concept. We will analyse and advice you on the best viable options that suit your concept and guide you through the location selection process. Our relationship with local retail developers will aid in finding the best place for you.

Whether you have a concept in mind or will be starting from scratch, we will work with you to create a fresh concept that suits you. Based on your ambitions and financial means, we will design a concept that fits and has great potential in the market, focusing on key factors such as cuisine style price point and target clientele.

Creating and executing well selected and priced menu is crucial in the overall success of your restaurant. We will work with you to create a balance, delicious menu that blends perfectly with your restaurant’s overall concept.

Interior Architecture, Design and Branding


A beautifully designed space can make all the difference in a dining experience. V SENSI designs impressive interior aesthetics that align with your brand image and vision.

‣ Layout & space planning
‣ Design development (mood boards, 3D images, atmospheric drawings and visuals)
‣ Renovations and expansions
‣ Revitalising of external restaurant façade
‣ Retail formats design
‣ Project management (project scheduling and budget)


Behind the scenes of any lively and bustling restaurant is a kitchen working double time to meet the needs of its customers. Our team of architects and contractors will design a well-planned kitchen that maximises efficiency and improves your customers’ dining experiences.

‣ Area Planning
‣ Kitchen Work Flow
‣ Conceptual Design
‣ Detail Design
‣ Elevations
‣ Equipment Specifications
‣ MEP Requirements
‣ HACCP Compliance

Design and Branding
(Marketing and Merchandising)

Successful brands are built upon unique points of differentiation. And when all the design elements are fused together in harmony, they deliver a deliberate and positive customer experience. Tell your style story with our team of talented brand builders. V SENSI offers an integrated design and marketing approach where media platforms work in concert to promote your food concept brand in the most effective way possible.

‣ Brand identity, positioning and strategies
‣ Marketing campaign conceptualisation
‣ Online marketing
‣ Social media development
‣ Marketing collaterals – physical and digital (logo design, menus, brochures, media kits)
‣ Print media (recipes, menus, cookbook)


‣ Functional Requirements
‣ Food concept & Branding
‣ Menu Development
‣ *Sourcing & Selection of Equipment
‣ SOP’s Operation Training Manual
‣ Staff Training
‣ Policies and Procedures
‣ Operation Structures
‣ Senior Recruitment
‣ Branding, Design & Marketing
‣ Food Styling – Photography & Videography
‣ *IT and AV solutions
‣ Owner Representative
  • Consultation on Daily Operation
  • Back Office Support
  • Business Review Meetings
  • Private Guest Chef for Promotional Events
  • Owner Representative

*Only available in Singapore and Italy


Understanding a customer perspective on your restaurant allows for a more objective assessment for your business. We will act as customers for your business by analysing key factors such as the quality of service, food and beverage, and overall atmosphere of your establishment.

Evaluating and reviewing your current systems and process is necessary for the smooth operation of your business. We will work with you to refine and update these functions in order to cut unnecessary costs and increase your business’s efficiency.

Analysing your current concept and franchise brand structure is an important task for identifying potential market penetration and brand expansion.
We will work to assess your concept brand franchise and determine a strategic development through our trusted partner operators in different country in the world.


V SENSI is well versed in cutting-edge restaurant technology. We provide technical expertise across various software and systems including Point of Sales (POS) and web-based order management systems.

‣ Website design & development
‣ POS installation
‣ E-commerce
‣ Other ad-hoc fully integrated software solutions for restaurant business

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Concept Development

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