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V SENSI capture the essence creating “Images that Sell”. Image that become tools for your marketing strategies worldwide. With our team of professional photographers, we promote your Hospitality, Wellness and Lifestyle at it’s Best.

We believe that “You don’t take a picture, you make a picture “. And Picture is a State of Mind.


Drones can capture beautiful photos and video of resorts and destina- tions to ensure that hotels obtain beautiful visuals for better engage- ment with their guests. Drones offer a bird’s eye view, helping guests to experience the hotel/resort from a new unused angle.

Understanding current trends in hospitality photography can help boost booking clicks and accelerate room/villa sale.

Successful hotelier commercial/sales or marketing communications professionals, property owners, and investors are those who stay abreast of new, innovative, and technology developments in hospitality marketing photography.

When it comes to hospitality marketing, keeping up with continuously evolving photographic trends is essential to targeting potential guests.


Inspired by the word “photograph” based on the Greek (phos), means “light”, and (graphê) means “I draw”together means “drawing with light”. This defines our approaches.

Each object forms a different relationship with light and this has al- ways been the focus of our work. By combining proper lighting, com- position and creativity, we are trying to create images that cameras can’t capture.

Always rely on daylight since this is the element that gives the ambi- ence we need but some times we needs to use artificial light in order to get the details needed with depth and clarity.

The key is to keep the image looking natural.


The final images should be atmospheric and nat- ural without unnatural colors and lighting like the one you attain from HDR photos etc. We spend hours to manually blend the different exposures from a single shot in order to get the natural and the highest possible image quality.

The results are the ones your property deserves.

Retouching for Architecture/Hotel Photography includes:

  • Raw Image to deliver high resolution TIFF files plus proper blending of compositions or details that need to be all combined in one image.
  • Skin retouching when models are used.
  • Pixel Level Retouching. Removal of unwanted items, obstructive objects, bed wrinkles, curtain and tulle fixations, air vents, wall plugs, etc.
  • File size jpg: approx 25-30MB, TIFF: approx 90MB, TIFF LZW compressed: approx 40MB

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