Meet Daniele Sarno

Chef Daniele Sarno has worked at the finest Michelin-starred restaurants and boutique luxury resorts, had his works featured in food and lifestyle magazines, and judged international cooking competitions hosted by official institutions and private cooking schools. But the first thing his friends and family will tell you is that he has never forgotten his roots and family traditions.

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The Early Years

Born on 15 September 1982 in Naples, Italy to Nunzia and Giovanni Sarno, Daniele was raised with the ideology that good quality food and lifestyle reflect a family’s background and origins. With their home in the countryside, the family grew their own olives and grapes and had an organic botanical garden full of medicinal herbs. Meals were made using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. It’s no surprise then that Daniele’s mentor was his father Giovanni. To create an atmosphere that promoted healthy eating and healthy living, Giovanni was very particular in the food his family consumed, using organic and certified produce whenever possible. He also advocated the use of natural remedies instead of chemical medications.

Given his childhood, it’s little wonder that Daniele developed an early fascination for gastronomy. He was intrigued by the meaning behind each food concept, and the food traditions people follow.

Learning by Heart

Daniele developed a burning passion for food that is both exciting and nutritious. When he was 15, he applied to the Academy of Culinary Arts for a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage management. The two-year course fanned the flames. Upon graduation, he decided to continue his studies and took an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management, Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management. He graduated with distinctions.

In 2012, Daniele joined the Slow Food Movement that fights for the authenticity of food and culture. The cause resists the fast food culture that is rapidly decimating the health of Western and developing nations. In doing so, he hopes to retain food cultures and traditions as it is crucial for humanity’s ongoing health and happiness.

Daniele is also the Chef Instructor and Nutritional Educator at a cooking school, designing food and beverage concepts and teaching cooking classes to inspire individuals to take up cooking as a passion.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Daniele is currently undertaking a Diploma in Nutrition at the American College of Natural Health (ASNH) to gain greater comprehension of mindful and holistic eating.

The Curious Traveller

Daniele’s training and experience has taught him to think critically about food and gastronomy. With the belief that there’s a story behind every dish and every ingredient has a life and soul, he set out on a journey of discovery. From neighbouring regions in Italy, Daniele made his way to the rest of Europe and then the world. During his travels, he worked in many restaurants alongside other chefs and restaurateurs who were equally passionate about elevating the dining experience. He also visited farms and artisan food centres to better understand their roots, processes, trends and impacts on the global food industry. In the process, he learnt about the traditions and how the unique cooking styles of each country brings out flavours in unexpected ways. And with each new discovery, his gastronomic experience and knowledge grew.

In 2006, Daniele secured a job as the Executive Sous Chef at the Castello Banfi Restaurant, which is also the biggest winery in Italy. During those two years, Daniele gathered immeasurable experience in wine and food pairing. And in 2008, he was certified as a Professional Wine and Spirit Sommelier by the Association Italian Sommelier (AIS) in Florence, Italy. But Daniele was far from finished.

While in the US, he volunteered with CISP Guatemala International Committee for People Development, a non-profit organisation, developing cooking activities to enrich the lives of the indigenous community in central Guatemala.

Since then, Daniele has travelled to Asia, China, Japan, Indochina, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, meeting other inspired and passionate individuals and learning about their food history and culture.


Chef Daniele Sarno dreams to revolutionise the food and beverage industry by adding real spice and excitement. Though he is classically trained, he takes a unique approach to his creations and is meticulous in arrangement yet impetuous in passion. His capacity has no boundaries and with V SENSI, he hopes to breathe new life into the food and beverage industry.

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