F&B Concept Development

A Journey Through Realisation

Considering a food business venture? Or looking to improve your current establishment?
At V SENSI, we specialise in bringing successful concepts to life!

Our team of chefs and consultants have the experience, knowledge and skills to turn your vision into a reality. We will develop an Operating Statement for the proposed concept, which will determine the distinct unique selling points and how the brand should actually be set up and run.

An overall concept brief and business model is required for the food and beverage entity and due consideration will be given to the following:

Customer segmentation as well as the local and regional culture
The Owners requirements when compiling the food and beverage mix
‣ Operational and budget infrastructure
Proposed size (overall and kitchen as well as number of covers)
Assist your financial controller with figures whenever requested


V SENSI undertakes appropriate market research and collaborates with you, on the F&B theme and design concept, to target the customer segment aligned to your business objectives. A concise business deck will be created to present the overall function of the business.

Overview of the concept, theme and purpose.
Indicate the marketing direction and its positioning related to proximate and potential competition.
A brief outline on the general operating procedures of the food and beverage areas in the following aspects:
‣ Concept
‣ Design & Style
‣ Graphic Language
‣ Location, Visibility, Accessibility
‣ Seating Capacity & Configuration
‣ Food & Beverage Menu
‣ Pricing Policy
‣ Service Style
‣ Opening Hours
‣ Staffing
‣ Table Top Matrix
‣ Uniform
A brief outline on the expected:
‣ Start-up Cost
‣ Monthly Payroll
‣ Profit & Loss Statement
‣ Return on Investment


Input and Ideas that will assist Interior, kitchen, Branding and Graphic Designers in the development of this phase of work.

Based on the agreed food and beverage concept statement, the Consultancy will work with our client’s appointed interior designer, kitchen consultant (or supplier), M&E consultant, architect, landlords, property agents and other members of the project team to finalise the space planning, layout and construction plans.

The Consultancy will act as “concept guardians” and will present the agreed overall concept vision to the relevant parties involved to ensure a cohesive approach towards the project design, planning and implementation.

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The Consultancy will assist the client in pre-opening activities leading up to the opening of the establishment and post-opening support to fine-tuning of the concept and the operations up until two months after the opening.

‣ Specialist to Specialist Assistance (liaise with the appointed interior designer, brand consultancy, main contractor, kitchen supplier and other relevant consultants and or suppliers)
‣ Menu Engineering and Development
‣ Training (Click here to V SENSI Education & Training)
‣ Staffing & Recruitment (Click here to V SENSI Recruitment & Job Portal)
‣ Procurement Assistance
‣ Standard Operating Policies & Procedures
‣ Construction Stage

‣ Consultation on Daily Operation
‣ Back Office Support
‣ Business Review Meetings
‣ Private Guest Chef for Promotional Events
‣ Owner Representative


Understanding a customer perspective on your restaurant allows for a more objective assessment for your business. We will act as customers for your business by analysing key factors such as the quality of service, food and beverage, and overall atmosphere of your establishment.
Evaluating and reviewing your current systems and process is necessary for the smooth operation of your business. We will work with you to refine and update these functions in order to cut unnecessary costs and increase your business’s efficiency.
Analysing your current concept and franchise brand structure is an important task for identifying potential market penetration and brand expansion.
We will work to assess your concept brand franchise and determine a strategic development through our trusted partner operators in different country in the world.


Nowadays your online presence matters as much as your brick and mortar.
Because we believe that your customers deserve a great experience wherever they are engaging with you, our Digital V Sensi services enable you to reach your business objectives both online and offline whether it’s sales, brand awareness or both.

‣ Web Design and Development
‣ Web Management
‣ Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing and Content, Online advertising)
‣ Copy Writing (Printed and Digital Marketing Collaterals, Logo design, menus, brochures, media kits)
‣ Print media (recipes, menus, cookbook)
‣ Photography and Videography (Click here to Food Styling & Fashion)

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F&B Concept Development

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