Food Styling and Fashion

Food stylistics are increasingly vied for in the food and beverage industry.
Join us and craft unique dishes designed to bring out the best of any brand concept.

Food & Fashion Photography

Capture the essence of your food with our team of photographers and add a tantalising dimension to your dishes. Food photography is all about capturing the perfect moment. At V SENSI, we go one better! We create the moment by paying greater attention to small details like colour, texture and positioning to bring out the “WOW!” in your dishes.

‣ Idea generation
‣ Design, production, editing
‣ Shooting for corporate, private and lifestyle events

Food Videos

Capture the dexterity of a master chef or the sizzling of natural oils from meat in a pan. Natural movements and sounds captured in video take your audience where still photography can’t. Delve into the world of food videography with us and watch your food come to life.

‣ Conceptualisation and production of food videos
‣ Television advertisements/programmes
‣ Initial story boarding
‣ Style framing
‣ Production of animatics to set design
‣ Execution and editing
‣ Shooting for corporate, private and lifestyle events

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Food Styling and Fashion

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