Health and Wellness Cuisine


We believe that nourishment begins deep within the soul
and goes beyond the confines of the kitchen.

‘Cuisine’ is the essence of food within a culture. And all around the world, people are becoming more aware and conscious of clean and healthy living. With this in mind, V SENSI has created a cuisine formulated by a holistic and healthy approach to living by offering real, clean, unprocessed and whole foods that are as close to their natural states as possible. Our Wellness cuisine PLANT is inspired by to envision the way people experience food refining a State of Mind behind eating. It is in this spirit that we aim to preserve the nutritional integrity of raw ingredients by minimising the processes involved in preparing them. In doing so, we extract maximum nutrition and draw from the vital force of the food to increase your base energy and overall wellbeing.

PLANT Food Culinary Concept

Organic and locally sourced whenever possible, our cuisine is focused on perfecting combinations of raw and cooked ingredients, each with very specific nutritional purposes, to create an absolutely delectable culinary experience.

Using specially designed cooking methods like sous vide, slow-steam and dehydrators and ancient techniques we preserve the natural nutritional properties, enzymes, textures and intense fine flavours of our dishes.


Our PLANT Menus are inspired by traditional cooks who concoct dishes solely from what is available in the richly varied landscapes around them. By forming established relationships with local farmers, fishermen, market traders and niche suppliers, our culinary teams pay homage to countries and their gastronomic cultures across the globe through incredible locally sourced ingredients. And in keeping with V SENSI’s philosophy of connecting communities through food, each menu will be utterly unique and a seamless integration of each destination’s cultural and geographical setting.


Our vision is to use a chef’s creativity and instinctive understanding of ingredients to prepare heartwarming dishes that are alive with flavour.

Our chefs travel the world to share their passion of clean-eating by organising corporate and personalised culinary consultancy programmes and wellness workshops at the most beautiful resorts and spas, wellness centres, yoga studios and holistic retreats around the planet. Hear from our nutritional experts as they share their expertise in topics such as healthy whole food choices, sustainable options, culinary training, food communication and attention to specific dietary needs. Learn about raw super-foods, plant-based cuisine and food compositions to improve your diet and cooking proficiency.

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The Experience

We are thrilled to share our unique and healthy culinary concept with wellness centres, boutique yoga studios and resort spa establishments in Asia and all over the world. Our expert food and beverage consultants will work closely with you to implement this concept in your restaurant or cafe.

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You are what you eat! Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies and it is now imperative that restaurants design recipes that are both tasty and nutritious. This technical aspect of food and nutrition beguiles even the most experienced chefs. That’s where V SENSI comes in.

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