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Partnerships & Joint Ventures

V SENSI is seeking strategic partnerships and joint ventures with potential key players in the industry that have shared commitments and resources that are in line with our business goals by:

‣ Combining capabilities and creating synergies between business partners

‣ Developing financial modelling to outline project sustainability and ROI

‣ Creating business strategies and branding to grow local and foreign market ventures

‣ Implementing F&B operational tools such as SOPs and corporate policies

Internationalisation of F&B Brands

At V SENSI, we are constantly on the search for niche and international F&B brands and innovative food concepts that are ready for overseas expansion. Our internationalisation process consists of:

‣ Feasibility studies and survey of demographics, spending power, foot traffic, unit space cost and competitors

‣ Localisation & culture integration through in-depth understanding of the local F&B culture and lifestyle, which is used to develop the look & flavour of signature menu items

‣ Share commitment and allocation of suitable resources in line with business goals

‣ On-site location assessment and worksite surveys

‣ Supply chain – central kitchen development

‣ F&B operation tools

Our F&B brands concept presentation is available upon request.

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