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A Sense of Italy

As part of our portfolio, we also manage the sale of medieval castles, luxury farms and barns, renaissance palaces and historical villas in the Tuscany region in Italy. All the properties we manage are available as off-market investment opportunities.

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Our Wineries

Gain exclusive access to celebrated wineries around the world.

Today, wineries are a popular and lucrative alternative lifestyle investment in business, land and property. Besides being a valuable addition to your portfolio, a winery is a unique and enjoyable investment that reflects the finer things in life. And many companies and high net-worth individuals have acquired their own wineries.

V SENSI offers the sale of celebrated wineries around the world. While we focus mainly on wineries in Italy, we also have exclusive access to international off-market wineries (e.g. Portugal, France and Germany, etc.). In addition, we provide a range of business solutions in the fields of management and strategy, before or after acquisition.


‣ Analysis of the right winery depending on your needs
‣ Assessment, audit and due diligence
‣ Consulting and support during the acquisition process
‣ Temporary management after acquisition
‣ Staff selection
‣ Marketing and sales consulting
‣ Assistance in future strategic decisions
‣ Financial support
‣ Recommendations in investments and agricultural subsidies


‣ Purchase and management of a profitable winery as a business
‣ Investing in a winery as a lifestyle
‣ Acquisition of a winery
‣ Creation of your own new brand
‣ Management and purchase of multiple wineries

Experience the Best of Italy

Known for its art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy promises to mesmerise, inspire and entice. Join V SENSI as we take you on an unforgettable journey that will bring your senses to life and experience Italy like never before.

Embark on a pure and holistic experience and enjoy luxury eco-tourism that’s exclusively tailor-made for you. With a focus on wellness and nourishment of the senses, you can look forward to an itinerary that brings cultural connections into your mind, body and soul. Be one with your surroundings and feel the raw beauty of nature deep within your soul.

See. Smell. Hear. Taste. Touch.

‣ Wellness, thermal spa therapies and massage
‣ Holistic escapes to combat stress & aging
‣ Ancient body-mind practices such as yoga
‣ Winery visits
‣ Gastronomic heritage
‣ Guided tours to renaissance churches and picturesque villages

At V SENSI, we bring true meaning to “Dolce Vita”.

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