Living the Dream

Revolutionising guest experiences through food.

Food is intrinsically linked to our lives. How we eat determines how we live. When people think about the food they eat, they make a fundamental change in their mindset and health. Imagine a world where people engage in the full faculty of their senses for each and every meal. That’s the V SENSI dream: to inspire good living through holistic eating.

At V SENSI, we aim to lead the food and beverage industry in becoming more effective and efficient. Our extensive culinary experience and network, coupled with a proven track record, enable us to perform insightful analysis and create innovative yet practical and sustainable solutions that are tailored to our clients’ objectives.

By sharing the recipe for success, we help start-ups and established restaurants in the food and beverage industry to improve their existing concepts and enhance revenue and profitability while challenging existing boundaries. Together, we can achieve the V SENSI dream.

The Symbol

‘V’ is the Roman numeral for ‘five’; and ‘Sensi’ translated from Italian is ‘Senses’. In essence, V SENSI refers to our five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

The symbol is also an homage to the rich heritage of Italy, Rome and Perugia, where our founder Chef Daniele Sarno grew up. And like the ancient Romans who expanded their empire, Chef Sarno hopes to use V SENSI as a means to expand his reach and enrich the lives of others by creating guest experiences that indulge their five senses.

The Process

We employ a collaborative process that connects our experience and expertise with your vision to realise your F&B business objectives.


We meet, we talk, we discuss, we share and we brainstorm. We want to understand you.


We put the pieces together to build the framework.


Finally, we present, show and explain our ideas and recommendations and then we listen again.

Be Our Partner

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion. So whether you’re an F&B expert who’s looking for some freelance projects, creative chef, recruiter, interior designer, photographer/videographer, brand and marketing aficionado or would simply like to collaborate and contribute your expertise to our services, we invite you to join us as our partner.

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